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<h1>&nbsp;Ypres&nbsp;</h1> <p>The city of Ypres, strengthened by Vauban, entirely destroyed at the time of the First World War, then rebuilt identically, is a masterpiece of architectural work, with the Town square and the well known &#8220;Halle aux Draps&#8221; surrounded by many pilot buildings of the medieval inheritance of the city. </p> <p>The front building of the Cloth Hall is 125 m. long and the first floor can be visited via the In Flanders Fields Museum. In the west end side wing you can find today the Town Hall where, in the middle, the belfry tower rises 70 m. high. The present spire with its helmet and dragon (1692) is an exact copy of the pre-war spire. </p> <p>Ypres is also a town of memory with many museums and memorials of the First World War. It is there that in 1917 the mustard gas was used for the first time to which was given the name of Yperite. </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="default.asp" title="Flying to Lille">Flying to Lille</a></p> <p><a href="lille.asp" title="Lille Festif">Flying to Lille Lille Metrople</a><span class="selectionner"><br> </span><a href="arras.asp" title="Arras">Flying to Lille Arras<br> </a><a href="boulogne.asp" title="Boulogne">Flying to Lille Boulogne<br> </a><a href="bruges.asp" title="Bruges">Flying to Lille Bruges<br> </a><a href="cambrai.asp" title="Cambrai">Flying to Lille Cambrai<br> </a><a href="douai.asp" title="Douai">Flying to Lille Douai</a><br> <a href="dunkerque.asp" title="Dunkerque">Flying to Lille Dunkerque<br> </a><a href="lens.asp" title="Lens">Flying to Lille Lens<br> </a><a href="calais.asp" title="Calais">Flying to Lille Calais<br> </a><a href="mont_flandre.asp" title="Mont de Flandre">Flying to Lille Mont de Flandre<br> </a><a href="saint_omer.asp" title="St-Omer">Flying to Lille St-Omer<br> </a><a href="valenciennes.asp" title="Valenciennes">Flying to Lille Valenciennes<br> </a><a href="ypres.asp" title="Ypres">Flying to Lille Ypres</a></p>